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Mysterious Life: Bast's Story

Chapter One Rating: PG-13

Chapter I

Malik and Isis were walking through the market when a girl ran right into Malik, knocking him over. She glared at him with her violet eyes and continued running, her red hair swaying behind her. A man ran past her them and after her. Malik and Isis looked at each other, and Malik then ran after the girl. "Malik!" yelled Isis.

Malik found the girl at a stand off, daggers drawn, with a man. Another man grabbed Malik from behind and held a knife to his throat. The girl stood her ground and then struck when he glanced towards Malik. She slashed his throat, killing him and then dashed into the shadows. She then appeared behind the other man and stabbed him in the back of the neck. She grabbed Malik's hand and took off with him.

They ended up in a shack, where she sat Malik down on a chair. She looked him over and saw blood seeping through his sleeve. "You're hurt." she said. She grabbed some bandages and began helping him take off his robe. She blushed and shoved a blanket at him. "Sorry." she mumbled. Malik blushed and wrapped the blanket around his waist. She laughed nervously and began cleaning the wound on his arm. "Who are you?" asked Malik, amazed. In response, she showed him her tattoo. It was Egyptian hieroglyphics on her left shoulder. "Bast?" he said. "Is that your name?" She nodded. "At least I think it is, I can't really remember." she answered. He nodded as she dressed his wound.

Malik woke up the next morning and looked around. "Bast?" he asked. He stood up and went outside. He then came face to face with his sister, Isis. "Isis?!" he gasped. "But how-" "I lead her here." said Bast, as she walked past Isis. She grabbed a back pack off her chair and swung it on her back. She turned around and looked at him. "Thank you." he said. "You're welcome." she said. She grabbed a gold arm brace and chucked it at Malik. "Keep it." she said. "I saved your life... so you still owe me." He looked at it and saw Bast written in hieroglyphics on one side. He smiled at her and reached into his robe. He pulled off a necklace and handed it to her. Bast looked at it and smiled. It was a gold phoenix foot holding a violet-ish blue, round stone. She slipped it on and smiled at him. "Thank you." she mumbled, blushing. Her eyes then went wide, and she pushed them out of the shack and pushed them out, just before a piece of a building fell on top of it. She looked back at it and teared up. Malik sat up and dusted himself off. Bast then burst into tears and hugged him. He blushed at first, and rubbed her back as she cried onto his shoulder.

End Chapter I

Author's Notes: I apolagize for the shortness of this chapter, however that means, the shorter the chapter, the quicker it'll be typed and you'll see the next one soon!!!!
=^.^= -Kai